About Stigab

Stigab has since 1973 produced mold and press tools for the rubber, plastic, and engineering industries. We operate our own milling-, lathing-, grinding-, NC- and EDM machinery, as well as prototype milling. With our vast competences we achieve some of the most high-tech and effective solutions available on the market.

Our company is driven forward by solving our customers problems and handling their challenges and requests. This is the key to Stigab´s continuous development that takes us to the next level. Over the years this approach has helped us to attain a broad knowledge about manufacturing of both mold and press tools and prototype milling, as well as other categories.

The demands from both the market and from ourselves for quality and precision has made us invest in modern machinery. We want to be able to always offer optimal solutions in the field of tool production.

We are know for our dedication and our efficient production solutions and everything we deliver shall meet or exceed our customers expectations.

Stigab possess a broad competence and long experience, which ensures that we deliver high-quality products. 

1973 – Stigab is founded

Stig Johansson founds Stigab Verktygs AB together with a business partner.

1976 – Stig becomes the sole owner

Stig Johansson becomes the sole owner of Stigab Verktygs AB.

1985 – Stigab relocates

The company moves to new facilities twice the size of the former ones.

1987 – Software usage

Stigab incorporates CAD/CAM in the production process.

1995 – ISO 9001 certification

Stigab thoroughly applies a lean production approach and also becomes ISO 9001 certified.

1998 – Seven tool categories

The tool production capacity is extended to a total of seven different tool categories.

2008 – New co-owners

Dahn and Henrik Johansson becomes co-owners of Stigab.

2010 – Investments

Major investments related to logistics and work environment are made.

2014 – New automation system

Stigab investes in a new high-capacity automation system.

2015 – 3.5 million SEK machinery investment

Stigab invests 3.5 million SEK in a second five-axis milling machine.

2017 – New EDM machinery

Stigab invests in a new die-sinking sprak erosion machine.

2020 – New major client

Stigab commences a long term partnership of significant scope with a new major client.

2020 – Dahn & Henrik takes full ownership

Dahn and Henrik Johansson takes full ownership of Stigab.